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AIPoker Beta is a public trial run before the official version of AIPoker. Includes community version features, complete game features and dual wallet features. In AIPoker Beta, players can customize their individual game strategies to create and adjust game strategies that match their personal style and high win rate. Once the strategy is created, the AIPoke Automated Execution System can be used to automatically apply individual strategies to multiple games or contests simultaneously in the Event.

AIPoker Beta features include:

  • Real-life strategy, automatic entry
  • Strategic supermarkets, sharers and users have the opportunity to share reward sharing
  • USDT settlement, the platform uses the general digital currency AIG to participate in the game, and the proceeds are rewarded by USDT
  • Guaranteed rewards, the platform will provide guarantees for some events to ensure players participate in enthusiasm
  • Players continue to contribute, participate in the sharing of Grand Jackpot
  • Open App Download on September 16, 2019

About The Community Edition

The Community Edition is a prioritized version of the AIPoker Beta beta, which warms up and promotes the priority user community. Anyone who joins the community version can take the lead in understanding the progress of the project and participating in community activities. Once the user participates in the project's promotion plan, he will immediately receive the platform contribution value & the standard reward for the community pass.Community Edition Advantages:

  • Project Message Sharing Rewards
  • Invite new users to multi-level points and candy sharing
  • Login and continuous online time rewards
  • Community and platform promotion rewards
  • Events & Events Participation Awards
  • Share all the rewards in the Grand Jackpot regularly based on the user's community contribution
  • Open App Download on February 1, 2019