AIPoker made its debut in South Korea to overturn the traditional business model for online poker games

AlGame Foundation located in Singapore launched its first public project called AIPoker on December 4th in Seoul, South Korea.

It is reported that AIPoker will be the first online poker game platform worldwide that integrates AI, big data, and blockchain technologies.

The project was disclosed at “99EX Global Launching Conference &Initial Project Launching Introduction”. 99EX trading platform is one of the first exchanges launched by “Open and Win-Win Exchange Plan” under the leadership of the world’s leading digital currency exchange OKEX. AIPoker becomes one of the quality projects around the world that are exquisitely selected by 99EX.

99EX Global Launching Conference &Initial Project Launching Introduction

The AIPoker team has over 10 years of experience in the online poker games industry in Greater China. The team created the business model of a united operation with online game platforms as well as offline large-scale events, poker clubs, industrial media, TV programs, and related training based on Texas Hold’em, which established the preliminary form of Texas Hold’em game industry in China.

In the meantime, the team also launched the offline event “CPC China Poker Game Carnival” in Hainan, China, one of the few mass sports events officially certified by China. The CPC event has been held five times so far, attracting over 10,000 person times of players from all over the world. In particular, the bonus for the 2017 CPC main event alone exceeded $1.6 million.

The AIPoker’s technical team also developed its management system Match Manager to manage thousands of competitors in large-scale offline games.

With its in-depth understanding of the online poker industry, the team proactively embraces with the cutting-edge science and technology. AIPoker is their first hit to overturn the traditional “online poker games”.

The team stated that the core gameplay launched by AIPoker was based on their technological
patent. The AI automatic strategy system that can perform humans’ will is going to utterly change the gameplay of the traditional online poker games.

The crux of this set of technological patents lies in the practice of letting users edit and create “strategies”. Then the machine will precisely apply the strategies made by the player to bringing out cards in dozens or even hundreds of games.

This means that players can take part in a dramatically larger number of games within a set time. For green hands, they can participate in the game by selecting a high-win-rate strategy on the ranking list. Once a player wins a game, the player who composes the strategy will get a revenue share.

AIPoker’s big data system will present a feedback of various statistics to players in the form of the visual chart, so that players can summarize and improve their strategies and steps to enhance their tactics in offline games. AIPoker can also use more in-depth methods such as comparing data mining and simulating machine learning to provide players with highly professional strategy optimization advice.

The AIPoker team believes that the open, transparent, and traceable features of the blockchain technology will help the online poker industry solve a series of difficult problems once hard to overcome such as the difficulty in payment and exchange, cheating of players, and cheating of the platform. The blockchain technology will first provide a convenient payment channel for legitimate poker players worldwide.

In AIPoker, players can not only use the AIPoker Token AIG to participate in the game but also can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other mainstream currencies to exchange for AIG.

The multiple hashes carried out with the block ID will act as the random seeds to make sure the randomness of the card shuffling and card dealing of every game. Strategies used by players and the results of every step of decision-making will be recorded, and the link of the record together with the hash value will be written into the blockchain forever, so that they will never be changed and can be traced back any time to guarantee the justice and fairness.

Dong Wang, chairman of the AIGame Foundation said that the blockchain technology and games were naturally matched. AIPoker, the first project launched by the foundation, ambitiously aims to overturn the entire industry with the blockchain technology, rather than simply using tokens to replace the chips of the game.

Dong Wang, chairman of the AIGame Foundation

“AIPoker hopes that the players’ wisdom and contributions can be converted to value. We understand the poker game players in the world of traditional currencies, and AIPoker can settle the ubiquitous problems faced with existing blockchain game projects: promote the size of existing digital currency users to a higher level, and transform users of traditional currency system to owners of digital currency assets.”

“AIPoker’s bigger determination will be reflected in the business model of the entire project community. We created the GRANDJACKPOT business model. AIPoker does not gain profits from the operating income. Instead, 100% of the revenue will be returned to the community.” 

“It is the players who are the master of AIPoker. Only by deciding all affairs of the community via collective discussions and democratic autonomy can we create a decentralized community-based business ecology,” Wang added.

It is alleged that AIPoker online poker game platform is undergoing intense development, and the community version targeting community users will be launched in early 2019.

AIPoker is the first AI poker game released by AIGame. In the near future, AIGame Foundation will continue to extend to other types of AI games such as AI strategy games and AI board and card games.

AIGame Foundation will also develop open source AI technologies in the community to encourage community members to create more AI puzzle games following spirits that comply with AIPoker’s technical purpose. In the meantime, AIGame will cooperate and share achievements with multiple valuable parent chains and game projects to create a bigger and wider AIG business space.

AIPoker official website:

AIPoker’s platform Token AIG will be released on the 99EX trading platform ( soon.